Euro Posting

Posting of workers:
Improving collaboration between social partners
and public authorities in Europe

Project operation

The Project Team


  • TheINTEFP, as project initiator, is making available to the initiative an operational team of three staff members
  • ASTREES, as partner in the initiative, is making available two staff members

In support of the project team:

  • Fabienne Muller, senior lecturer at The Institut du Travail (Labour Institute) of Strasbourg (France),
  • Jan CREMERS, researcher at the European institute Construction Labour Research (Netherlands).

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Recapitulative plan


A preliminary survey
to gather experiences from
the 33 partners of the project
July 2012 - October 2012
Experiences selected by
the steering committee
30 & 31 October 2012
Stakeholders involved in
these experiences, examining
their practices in the
transnational workshops
Strasbourg 22 & 23 January 2013
Lisbon 26 & 27 February 2013
Warsaw 26 & 27 March 2013
Sharing seminar with
representatives of 20 MS
Brussels 17 June 2013
Steering committee confirming
the axes of the general synthesis
Brussels 18 June 2013
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