Here is the website dedicated to EURODETACHEMENT successive projects , produced by all project partners with coordination of INTEFP and ASTREES.

This site gives a state of the art of posting and posted workers in Europe. Access to the following documents and reports is now available:

  • Information and data, as tools for a better knowledge and shared understandings : studies and reports re to posting in Europe, related links and web-based data, data re to legal frameworks at national and supranational levels; data re to national competent authorities and administrative cooperation in member States; information related to European social partners positions and views…
  • Information and data, as tools for action : synthesis, policy papers, notes, working documents re to experiences and good practices for a better transnational cooperation between public authorities in various countries in Europe and among stakeholders in posting issues and public policies at all territorial levels
  • Information and data re to various related projects, European partners, methodologies…

What is EURODETACHEMENT working method ?


- the 3 projects :


PROJECT " Common training for labour inspectors
and public officials of liaison office on Posting
Involved in control and monitoring"


PROJECT " The Posting of Workers:
Improving Collaboration between Social Partners
and Government Authorities in Europe"


PROJECT "Act on situations
of posting of workers:
'Learning by doing'"

Project supported

by the European Commission

Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion


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