You are on the website of EURODETACHEMENT projects coordinated by INTEFP and ASTREES and funded by the European Commission.

This is a resource website on transnational cooperation in the field of posting of workers in Europe, cooperation implemented by the partners successively involved in the projects.

You will find:

Resources to know and understand: studies on the posting of workers, links to useful websites, information about European and national legal frameworks, information about administrative cooperation between the different Member States partners, information about European social partners’ stance and initiatives ...

Resources for action: tools, summaries, sheets relating experiences aimed at improving transnational cooperation between the public authorities of the different countries involved and more generally between the posting stakeholders in Europe.

Information on successive projects, partners, the approach...

The 5 projects





PROJECT "Act on situations of posting of workers: 'Learning by doing"



PROJECT " The Posting of Workers: Improving Collaboration between Social Partners and Government Authorities in Europe"



PROJECT " Common training for labour inspectors and public officials of liaison office on Posting Involved in control and monitoring"


Focus on the last project (2018-2021):

  • Partners
  • Objectives and detailed project
  • Agenda modified because of the health crisis
  • Cooperation plans implemented
  • Summary of works on cases of complex posting frauds
  • Topics examined during the sharing workshops
  • Final conference

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